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Wolfgang's Live Report from Sfakia

From 1 to 11 June, 2001

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Wolfgang Kistler

Date: June 11, 2001, 9:00h
Weather: 24°C, blue sky, no wind, plain sea.

Sfakion Webcam (heading to new harbour, South)

Sfakion Webcam (heading to East)

Sfakion Webcam (heading to Anopoli, White Mountains, Northwest)

Greek sheep wash. They like more to stay dirty

  Dear visitors,

the Live Webcam stops transmitting now as my vacations are finished again. Now only a few hours left and then I also must go back to the rain.

I hope that it was your delight.
Anyway the main Galleries are subject to further update and will present more and more pictures of your Sfakia and Crete.

I shall return to Sfakia again in mid August, 2001.

If the Live Webcam pleased you and if you would like to see something similar in the future you might express that in Erno's Message Board or in my Guestbook.

Find happy hours in Crete!

Wolfgang Kistler
Chora Sfakion, Crete, June 11, 2001, 09:00 AM


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