once upon a time



At the jetty in Agia Roumeli.
The ferry Marina could transport about 120 passengers.

Until 1971 the (few) walkers who came down the Samaria gorge sometimes had to wait
for days until they could manage to catch a transfer to Chora Sfakion on the small
'Santa Maria' who only could transport about 20 passengers.
When Stelios, the captain and new ships owner came to the Roumeli landing the first
time with the new ferry 'Marina', the villagers shot to him as they were afraid that they
could loose the good business with the tourists who had to wait for the next free tickets.

Presently, by the 3 ferries ('Daskalogiannis' has a capacity of 1200 Passengers) up to
4000 Gorge-walkers daily have a relyable transfer to Chora Sfakion.

The business in Agia Roumeli is flourishing.
The Number of houses and hotels has increased from 4 to 40.


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